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Black Sox Playing Rules

Volunteer Opportunities

Our organization exists off volunteers. If you would like to be active in the BAA please fill out the following form.  Thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have tryouts? 
Is there a chance my child won’t make a team?
Answer:  Tryouts are only for placement purposes. The coaches have a round robin draft and choose players based on their tryout scores. This helps us to make the teams more evenly distributed in terms of skill level.
Why do Black Sox Players not have to tryout?
Answer: Black Sox Players have already been through a tryout and are evenly placed on league teams based on skill levels, so that teams aren’t stacked.
My child is 5 & is more advanced than T-ball, does he have to play T-ball?
Answer: As long as your child has played one season (Spring or Fall) of T-ball, is 5 years old and you want him to play coach pitch, then he can tryout with the 6 year old age group at tryouts.  A coach has to pick him and all 5-year-old players have to be board approved.
What does my child need for tryouts?
Answer: Your child will need a glove for tryouts and preferably a helmet and bat. The indoor facility is turf, so cleats are not needed for tryouts. Baseball pants are preferred for tryouts and practices. If you do not have a helmet and bat, one will be available at tryouts.


What equipment/uniform items does my child need for the season?
Answer:  The league provides you with jerseys and hats. You will be responsible for solid grey pants (short or long), socks, belt, cleats and helmet. Your coach will determine sock & belt color.
How many teams will be in my age division?
Answer: The total number of kids trying out and the number of coaches that have volunteered will determine the number of teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many nights a week do we practice and where?
Answer: Teams will be scheduled 1-2 times a week at Bishop Park and Ashley Park.  However, coaches may call for additional practices outside of those facilities. Practices may also be cancelled due to weather.
What will the schedule look like? What nights will we play?
Answer: The schedule will also be dependent of our total number of teams.  We typically have games Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. However, Wednesdays and Fridays are sometimes used for make-up games if needed.
How long is the season/How many games?
Answer: Our season runs from mid March through the end of May, weather permitting. There have been years it runs into the first week of June. We will not have a schedule set in stone until all teams are drafted.
Where are games played?
Answer: The majority of the games are played at Bishop Park.
Ashley Park will be used for some games, if needed.
How many games do we play in a season?
Answer: We typically play 10-12 games in a season, weather permitting.
When will we find out what team we are on?
Answer:  Typically, teams are drafted within two weeks of tryouts and you should hear from your coach within a week of the draft. By the 3rd week of February, you should know your team.  There are cases where we don’t have enough coaches and this process takes a little longer.


I want to coach, how do I sign up?
Answer: You can sign up to coach when you sign your child up. If you already signed your child up and now have decided you want to coach, email
We are a division of Cal Ripken and play by Cal Ripken rules.
Our individual league rules have not been set for 2020,
but we will update once they are set.
Below is a general overview of our league’s divisions:
T-ball – Ages: 4 (by 5/1/20) and 5’s
Hit off Tee using a soft T-ball.
Instructional League - Ages: Some 5’s, 6, and 7’s
Coach pitches (3), if not put in play then will hit off a tee.
Real baseball used.
Rookie League - Ages: 8 and some 7’s
5 games will be Coach Pitch
5 games will be Kid Pitch


Cal Ripken - Ages 9&10:
Kid Pitch, 46’ with 60’ bases
Cal Ripken - Ages: 11&12
Pitch 50’ with 70’ bases
Play lead off pick off.
Babe Ruth - Ages: 13 and up
Pitch 60’6” with 90’ bases



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Bryant Athletic Association

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Bryant Athletic Assciation

The Bryant Athletic Association is dedicated to providing safe, fun, and high-quality youth sports program for the families of Bryant, Arkansas and the surrounding community. Over the past few years, Bryant baseball teams have been honored to win numerous District Championships, many State and Regional Championships, and in 2008 and 2012, World Series Titles!The Bryant Athletic Association charter from Babe Ruth League, Inc. encompass the same geographic area served by the Bryant Public School District. The Bryant Athletic Association provides accident and liability insurance coverage for the players, coaches and umpires in our league.  Insurance claims for accidental injury sustained during practice and games may be initiated by notifying a player agent or league safety officer.